How do I lift the color from a file?

Okay not glowforge specific but color is becoming more important to me lately so I have this question.

Is there a way to lift a specific pixles color and set it up in a palit for use in Inkscape or AD?

Also can that color be put into a format that Lowe’s or HD can use to mix up paint?

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Most graphics programs have a color picker. Once you pick the color out of the image you should be able to get the color code and use that to get pretty close to a paint color. Manufacturers will have their own names and color codes, but once you get the hex or other color code you can get their versions.


One you get the hexadecimal…



What @ben1 said… it’s almost always an eyedropper icon in almost any program. In Inkscape:

Note the status message at the bottom. It’ll tell you the color you’re over, and if you click it, it becomes the selected color. Easy peasy.

There are also browser plugins that will do it right in browser for any part of a webpage, image or otherwise:


As usual you guys are sooooo useful.

I had no idea!


There are also stand-alone utilities like:

… or:

There are dozens of similar options.


bookmarked because I’m sure I’ll need to use a color on a webpage in the future!! Thanks


Matching colors from digital to print to paint can actually be a bit complicated.

This site is a reasonable tool for trying to match to paint collections:

You may also read about Pantone:

it’s a proprietary color space, but widely adopted.


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