How do separate red lines and blue lines for cutting and scoring?

Hi Guys

just want to ask how I can adjust an SVG template to score/engrave and cut on the same image? is illustrator better for this?
I’m thinking of taking the step into making my own designs but I can’t seem to do this in Inkscape
I’ve looked on youtube for tutorials and maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

Any help is much appreciated



If you mean, you have a design that features some parts that are scored and some parts that are engraved, just make sure to make things intended for different operations in different colors. I.e., red for scores (these need to be stroked, not filled figures) and blue for engraves (these need to be filled, not stroked areas) for example. Then in the GFUI you will specify settings for each operation (score, cut, or engrave).

If you mean, you have a figure that you want to both score around the perimeter and also engrave the entire center, you will need to do that in two separate runs. Just specify to score (or engrave), let the machine complete the job, then without moving your piece specify the engrave (or score) and restart the job. It will do the operation in exactly the same place as long as you have not moved the item.

Look in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks category of this forum for lots of Inkscape tutorials that will better explain all of this.


The help tab on Inkscape links to tutorials that can help you get started in addition to Glowforge tutorials. I am not quite sure what you mean by SVG templates. In order for the Glowforge to perform cuts/scores/engraves the different operations must be outlined and/or filled with different colors.


I stumbled across an AI tips video on youtube and it explains just that, I tried the method and it works fine for me in Inkscape. I may now splurge on AI as it is more intuitive for noobs.
Thanks guys

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