How do we get the pass through alignment to work?

Hey just recently bought my glowforge pro and for small parts works as I would expect. Pass through? Maybe I get it right after the 8th cut or so. I’m getting a little frustrated with messing up monograms and signs and losing material because the alignment regardless of how many attempts I can never get it just right. I’m a beginner so I HAVE to be doing something wrong here

Does anybody have any recommendations and tips if you’ve gotten this mighty pass through feature working because I’m completely stuck here.

Thanks ahead of time for anybody who can relate and has solved the problem.
Just really hoping I’m not crazy here and somebody has figured this out. And really trying to get my first sale right.

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One thing that I noticed while I was testing (and it might have nothing to do with the problem that you are seeing) is that if you have the cut edge too close to the right edge of the material at any point during the alignment process, it can fail because that is at the very outer reaches of what the camera can see.

So making it a little bit smaller usually worked. Or moving the design over to the left also worked if it was small enough to do it. So I always kept the design pressed tight against the left margin. And try to leave about a 1/4" of space on the right. (At a minimum. Half inch is better if you can swing it.)

Oh, and this just occurred to me after reading a rec from one of the Support staff a few days ago …you can use the icons to drop a small anchor image or two for Scoring along the cut line to make it easier for the camera to do the aligning. You would want to drop it onto or near the cut line between sections, and since that isn’t always immediately apparent, you can just add it into the scrap or waste area once you get into the interface.


Not as much a solution but just another data point…

I did a pair of denim jeans with “She’s like Texas” down one leg and the Austin skyline down the other. The “She’s like Texas” was amazingly on point and the GF just knew what to do (I was really impressed). The Austin skyline required a bit of help and did not turn out as great. It may be a complexity of design thing or just a hit or miss thing.

Btw, welcome to the forums!

Here is how the jeans went:


Hey thank you that’s a good idea to start from! IM gonna try to work magnets around my crumb tray to see if I can get something worked out!

honestly i learned one thing from this i wasted some materials but ive learned DONT MOVE THE MATERIAL IF THE SCREEN LOOKS MISALIGNED. The screen looks wrong but for whatever reason the machine has been very smart with auto aligning.
My message to myself incase others have the same issue after me.