How do you add a circle cut out to a tabbed box

Ok I used a box generator and made the size box I need. I need to cut a circular hole in opposite sides. how can I design this? the hole needs to be 1 7/8 inch diameter. I have the box design saved as a PDF format. I have access to Inkscape and corel draw. Sorry if this is very basic. I have had my pro for a couple of days and made the ruler and did a couple of traces.

Thanks in advance

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Does the box design software allow for SVG output? If so, then you can open up the SVG in a design program and add the circle.

Otherwise, you could make the circle file separately and upload it in the add artwork once you have opened up the PDF in the operations space. You usually can place one piece of art correct in relation to other placed art.


I will explore the box generators and see if I can find one that saves SVG

It won’t have to be svg. Just install Inkscape if you don’t have it already. It will open DXF, SVG, and PDF, add your circles and then save as SVG.


guess i have some homework to do. It was much easier to the in my V-Carve software for the CNC. i will need to play a bit and figure out how to handle determining exact dimensions for the circle metric vs. English ARRGH.

Vcarve works with svg! By all means use it if you can get it to import what you have.

using corel draw I have the whole thing laid out in a pdf so i should be able to import to inkscape and save as SVG I tried to save in CD but it warned me it did not like my color choices for the lines, said they weren’t RGB colors

I will run a test print tomorrow and see what I did

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Ah, the joys of trial and error as you climb up the learning curve !



Don’t forget to let us know! Personally I would recommend the Inkscape route - free, powerful and lots of tutorials out there.

(Did anyone else read the title of this thread and think it was the opening of a riddle? … open the tabbed box, remove the elephant then add the circle cut out…":rofl:

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I agree go the Inkscape route and while your at it get Gimp.


Yup, GIMP is a must have.


had to work today test is still coming

Ok ran my cut today. used a box generator to design tabbed box. Imported the PDF of the box to Corel draw. I added the circles with a diameter of 1 7/8 inch. Saved the file as SVG. Imported to GF and set the cut settings, speed and power. design cut fine but my circles have a diameter of 2 inches. They gained a 1/8 of an inch in the design process. Any ideas as to what can be done to correct it other than reducing the circle size by an 1/8 in corel and hope the variance is constant.

Most of the time you have a scaling problem in an art program it comes back to how many points to an inch. If you make sure everything is handled in either mm or in all the way through the scaling problems tend to go away.

The tabbed box maker in Inkscape extension you can add works well and then you have it natively.

I finally seemed to get it all to work. I have made a 3.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 Bluetooth Speaker Pictures to follow. But more importantly have scratched the surface of the design process.

thanks to all those who helped point the way.