How do you get a glossy finish like this on wood?



That Clickspring video is actually one I was going to suggest. It is a great example of French Polishing. Another would be The Wood Whisperer on YouTube. He does a lot with finishing, and can show multiple ways to achieve a gloss finish.


Thanks a million, everybody, this was just what I needed. Lots of videos to watch and products to bookmark…


EnviroTex works really well and looks great… but it’s not cheap. thanks for the tips about finding it at michaels with the coupon!





One thing to keep in mind is that you can eliminate bubbles in poured epoxy by careful use of a heat gun (it’s possible a hair dryer would work - youtube that first…) You’re looking for just the right amount of heat to pop the bubbles, but not scorch the epoxy. It can lead to a great finish, though.


Thanks to these YouTubes i lost a whole afternoon!

They were excellent, great post, thanks


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