How do you store your Glowforge materials

Because I like to have a little bit of everything around the house I’ve ordered a decent amount of acrylic and wood from Glowforge.

They are all sitting in the boxes they came in so when I have to find something it’s impossible!

How do you all organize and store your materials for easy access?


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I have a Husky tool cart from Home depot that my glowforge sits on. It has 8 drawers. Plus I have a 6’ tall x 48" wide metal shelf unit from costco that I use to store what doesn’t fit in the drawers.


Searching “material storage” will find a bunch of threads on this topic.

You should browse those results for sure, but the three most popular solutions are something like @johnj’s suggestion, homemade ikea monstrosities, and my personal favorite, the storage solution of kings and/or queens, architectural flat file cabinets. :slight_smile:


Just don’t be tempted to store your materials on their edge. It’s easier to see and sort but they tend to warp unless they’re stored flat.


I have stored a lot on its side but have mechanically supplied the forces of gravity that holds the flat stuff flat even to using a clamp on the wall to hold long boards flat.

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