How far should the lens be placed in the cartridge?

I just recently cleaned the lenses in the printer cartridge. The magnet of the blue lens tool came off and got stuck on the lens when I replaced it back in its slot. I managed to get it out, but now I’m not sure it’s placed in there correctly- I don’t know if it’s too far in or not far in enough if that makes sense. I ran a test and now my print is off and blurry. I saw another post saying it could also be the belt. Could it be the lens too? Should it be placed below that opening in the slot? Also can I just use super glue to put the ring magnet back on the lens tool?

Here’s some pics:

Yes, super glue the magnet back on. When the lens is inserted it attaches to a magnet in the head. When you hear that click of it attaching it’s home. Don’t force it. It moves up and down as the head focuses.
By the way, reverse the tool to insert the lens. You only need the magnet end to remove it.


The lens is in correctly. As stated, you don’t use the magnet end of the tool to insert the lens back into the printhead. The lens goes cup side up and the magnet is on the other end of the tool and is only necessary for removing the lens. The lens locks onto the magnet that resides in the printhead. As for your blurry printing, this could be a focus issue. Are you using the set focus tool. It could also be incorrect belt tension. Do you loosen the pulley wheel when you remove the carriage plate?


Glowforge has some troubleshooting tips available for distorted prints.

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I re-install the lens the way it’s supposed to. The magnet got stuck when I tried removing the lens, it just came off the top of the removal tool. When I reinstalled it, I noticed the part the lens attaches to, moved up and down, so I didn’t know if I needed to push it all the way back and then reinstall the lens or or leave it where it is and just let the lens click on. I just tried another test run, the print came out way better! Thank you all for the help!


You should never push the lens, the mechanism inside the head is quite fragile. Once the magnet grabs and it snaps into place, you’re done.


Just let the magnet in the head capture the lens, get close and it will grab it off of the tool (stronger magnet). I would just superglue the ring magnet back on the tool.

That’s what allows the machine to autofocus. There is a mechanism in the lens seat that will position the lens to autofocus the beam on the surface within 1/2 inch of the head.