"How Growth Pilots Helped Glowforge Raise $28 Million In Pre-Orders In 30 Days"

Thought that this blog post from a group called Growth Pilots containing insight to their role in the Glowforge pre-order campaign might be interesting to some of y’all:


Thanks for the link. I’m curious to know the $ paid out in referral discounts.


people would be terrified if they understood the capabilities of what we can do with “big data”


An earlier initial shipping date and then a later delay will result in more customers than announcing a realistic date to begin with.


Hard to argue with that hypothesis.

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“Our multi-channel paid acquisition strategy leveraged this initial demand to significantly accelerate the volume of pre-orders at a very favorable CPA.”

An example of the rhetoric of the buzzword-filled article. Not denying the success of their work but the language of the article is just too much for me.


Thought Leader.
Holistic Approach.

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BINGO!!! :grinning:


You’ll “enjoy” this.


Having successfully escaped that world, I enjoyed that more than you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely a home run! I’ve always loved the instrumentation of that song and it fits so perfectly with the aetherial nature of the buzz words. Transitioning into the “do-do-do-doots” where it just spills over. He is a genius and a keen observer of culture.

And it will be cool when someone merges Glowforge printing with music to create a video like this illustration time line. Mesmerizing.


“We did the standard basic things you would think to do in advertising. Luckily the product has huge market potential so it blew up on its own” x 100 more words with no substance. Haha.

The referral bonus program in my opinion was what really got this train moving and they don’t even talk about that. I think that was @bailey 's idea though. that should be the real subject


I wonder if @dan would state when Glowforge started working with Growth Pilots.

This line:
" data on existing pre-order customers provided by Glowforge"

makes it sound like Growth got involved after the preorder had already started.

But they very clearly claim at least partial credit for the size of the preorder final numbers.

It seems odd that a company would have a major impact with less than 30 days of time invested, including initial analysis. So I wonder if that is just odd wording, and they were involved earlier, or if their claim is false (which is unlikely, they are being very clear about a link to a specific product. If they were lying it would be with veiled “we can’t say who, but the highest grossing preorder campaign in history!”)

Sounded like a bunch of bloviating to me lol


This is a positive place, and I’m really trying to stay true to that ethos, but I am not a rock. “Our multi-channel paid acquisition strategy”, or as it was called 40 years ago, “we placed an ad in the morning AND evening paper.” Fancy words for advertising with both Google and Facebook, but at least now I know who was responsible for me seeing a Glowforge ad every time I visited any webpage for about six months.

Circa 1998 I was tasked with creating a mission statement for a joint venture my company had. This was a very, very important task. At the time the Dilbert website had a mission statement generator. After about five tries it came up with one where I only needed to change two industry specific words. The board officially recognized me for my great mission statement.


HAHA! Agreed.

It was after I placed my order and posted it to Facebook that Facebook started showing me ads. Kind of like closing the gate after the cows get out.

My introduction was Tested. After years of enjoying Mythbusters, we moved along to Adam Savage’s next project. They introduced us (and several thousand other people) to Dan - for which I am quite happy.

I’d love to have used somebody’s referral link. I’d love for somebody to have used my referral link. I’d love to have known about Glowforge before I did. As it is, I’m still in the first month, so I’ve no complaints… but I don’t think Growth Pilots had anything to do with it unless they introduced @dan to @norman.


yup. this.


Why do I feel like I just saw sausage being made?

As was mine. They were my guidepost for what to expect. I think the fact norm was as surprised by the delay as everyone else gave me some real insight into how the initial glowforge campaign was handled.

Mine was BoingBoing’s post. Spent three days watching videos and reading comments and then pulled the trigger.