How has your experience been?

So I purchased my GF last Friday, paid for the 3 day delivery. Got it Wednesday, it did 2 ruler cuts then quit working. It’s taking customer support HOURS to respond to emails (which really makes no sense because it’s an email which means it’s an instant delivery) any who, they gave me the option for a replacement machine. They are telling me 7-10 days. Which has me irritated because I just got this one and paid the $95 3 day delivery fee. It all has me a little “gun shy” I guess is the phrase to use here?? Mostly because I’ve read where it has taken some people anywhere from weeks to months to actually get a replacement machine. The whole thing really has me stressed out and questioning my decision. Which is why I’m asking how has your experience been when having to get a replacement machine. I mean if it’s going to take them weeks to months to actually get me a new one delivered I’d rather have a refund. I’m disappointed about this whole experience. I’ve worked my butt off to save for this machine and it stops working after 2 cuts…just makes me want to ugly girl cry

Please don’t cry. :slight_smile:
The replacement timing has varied quite a bit from what I’ve seen, so there isn’t really an answer to your question, especially since everything is running slower than normal.

I would be just as irritated, but honestly, there’s not much you can do about it at this point. My suggestion (for what it’s worth) is to spend your time and energy designing and otherwise honing your skills, reading through the forum, etc., so you won’t have any delays later on that you can avoid.

I’m not sure they will refund at this point, but I guess it’s worth a try. I love my GF and I think you’ll probably love yours, too. It just sucks to get off to a bad start.


Yeah, it’s an email, but with 23,000+ customers to support, and a bunch of them constantly creating duplicate tickets, I can imagine it taking a while to get to every one of them. Hours is actually pretty awesome – the Christmas rush (followed closely by the pandemic!) kicked them in the butts and it was taking up to 3 days for a response.


Lot of happy campers. A sad story isn’t really an anomaly, but more happy than sad, it depends on the machine.
Keep in mind that every new car dealer has a garage attached, because Stuff™ happens.

As a curiosity, is the fast replacement a new or rebuilt machine? Just asking because I have seen people disappointed when they got a used/refurbished replacement (and I can understand that from both sides of the transaction).
If memory serves, another brand spanky new one took longer to deliver.


My experience has only been positive. I know how a negative start with an expensive item can cause major stress. I would strongly recommend going through the process and getting your unit repaired. The Glowforge is excellent value. I have explored options and the next price point is double the cost (Dremel) and for about 4 to 6 times as much you are able to get into a professional machine like an Epilogue. I love my Glowforge, and have had no issues with it.

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Keep in mind that every single machine is tested in the factory - so every single machine is a little bit used. We’ve had a few folks on here think they were being cheated when what they were getting was quality control!