How I go from DXF to the glowforge

I wish the glowforge would use DXF automatically. Until it does, this is the process I use to process files to cut. I go through how I use an online converter then scale and import into the GFUI. I also show how I process a converted file to select which vectors to score or cut. I also make two cut layers so I can control the order of the cuts to ensure internal features are cut before outside ones.

I know you can do the conversion in inkscape directly, but everytime I do it, the quality of the resulting svg is poor. I’ve found the online converter is quick and easy for my needs.


So far I’ve only converted one DXF file for use … next time will give your method a go to compare. Thank you for the video!

Thanks for the resizing trick! I’ve had a problem with Inkscape where it doesn’t save my scaling measurements, so my svg file does not load to GF in the size it shows up as in Inkscape. I’ve had to use some annoying work-arounds to get my files to the proper size, but looks like setting the document size to the image size takes care of this bug.

Have you noticed this problem with sizing if you don’t change the document size?

Inkscape reads the units that are saved in the DXF file, so make sure there are units specified in the source CAD file before exporting the DXF, otherwise no other program will be able to scale it properly.

In Inkscape if you specify a document size of 20"x12", the GF app will read that info and maintain scaling.

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I just use AutoCAD… :flushed:

Thank you!