How long after proof grade materials for the Glowforge?


I’m curious for those of you who have received your Glowforges, how much time elapsed between when you received the box of proof grade materials and the actual Glowforge?



4.5 weeks for me

I’m not sure what you mean by “You can check your status with the link though”? The page at: doesn’t have any information regarding shipping status since my notification email went out.

I received my proof grade materials about 4.5 weeks ago but haven’t had any shipping notification for the Glowforge itself.

I do have an email into support but haven’t received a reply yet.

Thanks. That’s where I’m at right now, so I’m hoping it’s not too much longer.

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I’ve received my PG materials on 11/14 via UPS, and not a peep about a delivery date/time of my GF.

So its been 3 weeks now and I have ZERO idea where my GF is at!!

Back before my Golden Ticket was received it showed I would have it by 11/27… guess that was a bit overly optimistic!

Hope others are having better luck than I am.

The estimated date you had before the Golden email was for when that email would be received. Not for when the GF would be received. In the email it’s explained that you should receive the unit up to 6 weeks after the email.


I’m at 35 days since golden e-mail and nothing posted on UPS my choice yet. If you haven’t already signed up at UPS my choice it might be a good idea. Most folks usually seem to get alerted from UPS first. I’m guessing it’s a pro? Basic GF currently seem to be very quickly going from golden e-mail to front door and GF Pro are now taking the full 6 weeks.

Hope this helps. Fingers crossed for all of us. :crossed_fingers::boom::dark_sunglasses:

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Got mine PG about 10 days before my GF arrived. About 4 weeks in total from when I got my email.

Thanks. It is the pro, so it sounds like the longer time frame is not unusual.

I got that (both literally and figuratively). The question was really around what kind of turnaround folks were seeing within that 6 weeks. Especially when one portion of the package (i.e. the PG materials) was already sent.

I got my PG about a week or 10 days before my GF

I received my :proofgrade: about 2 weeks before my pro. A very few have received their :glowforge: before their :proofgrade:. Basically, there seems to be no meaningful correlation, but most people received the :proofgrade: first.

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Yes. Have seen the GF come before the PG, 2 days after, a week after, 4 weeks after, etc. Will provide nothing but disappointment should folks expect a consistent pattern. I’m guessing the number of emails/posts for support based on what others have experienced doesn’t help the 3 day response expectation for real problems.

6 weeks from the email. Anything earlier is happy time.


We got our GF Saturday. Materials arrived today.

Not a huge deal, really, since we’ve had other materials to play with. Pretty good results with corrugated cardboard, glass, and stone.


Just got the Glowforge today, a few days short of the 6 weeks (and roughly 5 weeks after the PG materials). I’m really impressed by the build quality and the setup went very smoothly. Thanks all for your replies.