How long did your Glowforge take to ship?

New glowforge owners- how long did your glowforge take to come in? Would you say the ship by date was accurate? Or was it sooner or later?

Such a loaded question… Ask early adopters and you will hear many waited years past… Pre-pandemic is also going to be different than current lead times… Generally they are on track with their estimates, however keep an eye on it as it could slide with delays in sourcing parts or incoming supplies. Everything right now has been impacted and continues to be, but I am sure they’ve accounted the best they can with their estimations.

If you are in the US sign up for both of these and you will get a notification any time a company creates a shipping label to your address. You will get this notification well before GF sends anything out.

FedEx Delivery Manager

UPS My Choice


this is highly variable and based on their production schedule/issues. what may have been true a month ago, 6 months ago, 2 years ago, or 5+ (when the initial crowdfunded machines were shipping) is not likely true now.

Even someone who got theirs in a week recently means nothing. They don’t have a warehouse stocked full of machines waiting for orders. If you’re lucky enough to order when a bunch of that model are being assembled and not currently accounted for, you might get it quickly.

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yes that was shouting!!!

I picked BEAMER up at the local UPS DEPOT. too many stories long ago when they first started shipping of damage in the last mile.

I got the notice and held shipment at depot. motored over there in my minivan, with my trusty hand truck. boom into the van, home. safe and sound.

avoided coming home to the box standing up on end leaking like some folks.

Mine was standing on-end at the UPS depot I picked it up from. Had been for a couple of days because the tray and materials box took longer to get there.

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Two years.

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