How long does it usually take to get materials?


Just wondering from those of you that purchase materials from the online store here how long does it take to usually get the materials that you order?

It depends where you are. Proofgrade materials usually ship fedex ground. On average it takes me about 10 days to receive them from ordering in upstate New York.

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They ship from Texas, it’s usually 4ish days to SoCal.

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I think my last order was 3 days here in GA.

This time of year, everything will be slower - including time before they ship assuming they have more orders than usual.

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Jan through Nov, 2-3 days to process and ship and then however long it takes FedEx to get it from TX to your house. Late Nov through Dec, who the heck knows.

I had one package arrive at the local UPS hub 12/4. It arrived at my house 12/7. Another arrived on 12/5 and it arrived at my house on 12/10. The last mile (technically last 20 miles) took longer than the initial 800.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

Do you know how long it takes “out of stock” items to come back in?

My last order was placed the evening of 12/8 and received in Colorado the morning of 12/12.


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