How long does service take?

OH NO!!! I have been cutting without a problem since I received my GF. Today, I was working along and all of a sudden it got stuck on Scanning. I tried everything, so I opened a ticked. I just got the following response:

"Unfortunately, we’ve found that your unit has a problem that we can’t solve remotely. While it’s possible that this could get better, it’s unlikely to be resolved without repairing or replacing your unit. I don’t want you to find yourself polishing off an important print and having this issue arise at the last minute, so I recommend that we proceed with a warranty repair or replacement. "

So, now I am in a panic. I have more orders than I can handle for the holidays and I have just begun working through them. If I send it in, when can I expect to get it back? Also, if they send me a refurbished machine, how do I know if the life on the tube is comparable to mine?


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when I had to have mine replaced once i got the shipping labels and shipped mine back it was about 9 days total. I got a refurbished one back and can’t tell the difference as for the tube you wont know until it needs replaced in approximately 2 years…

I recently had my machine replaced, and it was just about 8 days from when I received my return shipping label to when I received the new machine.

That is good to hear. Maybe this will go well. Thanks.

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