How Long Does Shipping Take

Hi all! i wondered what everyone’s experience has been after ordering GF? I ordered Dec 1 but no updates to my order… I’ve reached only to receive a response to check my order status …

Well, i just received email… it may come tomorrow or it may come after the 24th… they don’t know and are sending a $50 GC… production delays… blah blah… why sell units you don’t have to sell??? Really poor risk management.

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Machines are shipped from the manufacturing facility, support doesn’t have access to ship dates for individual orders. The status in your profile is updated periodically when stock status is updated by the manufacturer, it’s the only estimate that they can provide.

If you sign up for UPS and FedEx delivery notification services, you’ll likely get info there before you see anything from GF or changes in your estimated date in your profile.

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Depends on where you live. Mine was shipping from Texas & I live in NW WA state, I think it took a little over a week or so. My order had an estimated delivery date but no tracking number. It did arrive on the day they said it would. I know its hard to wait without being able to watch the tracking, but be patient - you’ll have it soon!

Edit: I was signed up for Fedex delivery notification, but never received a notice.

Well, i just received email… it may come tomorrow or it may come after the 24th… they don’t know and are sending a $50 GC… production delays… blah blah… why sell units you don’t have to sell???

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Isn’t it obvious. A unit sold equals profit. If you have to wait a few days or even a few weeks it won’t change the bottom line.

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I just got this same email and I am furious! I missed the cut off for the Black Friday for my Pro by a few hours, but went ahead and ordered because it said I would have it by 12/13. $50 doesn’t even cover shipping and to wait until the night before the filter is supposed to be delivered is ridiculous. I would have ordered a different model to get it earlier. I have plans for gifts that I won’t be able to make. To spend this much money and have such BS service is infuriating. If they would have said this in the beginning, it would have been one thing but to say you are delivering only to just give a ghost date…:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: As I type this I am sitting here thinking maybe I should be looking at other options and cancel this order.


That is exactly what i am doing.

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My comment earlier was in no way implying that the company is acting any different that any other. Not cheating anyone. Would be far better if their shipping and Support systems were tied together. No excuse for the lack of integration but nothing I can do about it so my expectations needs to be that this isn’t Amazon that we are dealing with.


I will add to that- INVENTORY, shipping and support.

Reasons company fail:
poor / unmanaged growth plan
lack of or poor customer support

I ordered on the 1st and until this minute it still says expected delivery 12th and 13th, which i now know won’t be the case. No option to cancel order so you have to wait on customer support or call credit card company.

Funny thing- this same thing seems to have occurred in Dec 2018.

So disappointing.


Same day I ordered. Same delivery promise.

Exactly. This is a poor way to conduct business for anything at this price point. You’re not a Kickstarter anymore, your supposed to be a legit business now.

I wonder how this bodes for if i ever have any support issues that need their addressing?

Such a shitty disappointment for one’s s first contact with a company. And to see them still shilling their sales ads is embarrassing


Yes! My order still shows delivery for last Friday. They replied to my email with a lame excuse and saying they didn’t know when I would have it. I make other custom items and would never think to treat my customers like this.

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I was informed a couple days ago that there is a 4 week delay on the Pro.
Customer service at GF is a negative. Too bad.

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