How long

Just wondering what the typical wait time if your glowforge isn’t working and you have had a ticket created? I’m just trying to figure out how long I will be without a working glowforge.

usually 24 to 48 hrs
depending on the work load…

whats your issue with it?


My gf isn’t cutting through the materials. I followed directions from gf and replied a day ago but haven’t heard back in regards to what the next steps are going forward.

Are you using all the right settings for the materials? Are the proof grade?

I know you where asked this, forgive me, but did you clean everything all the lens (there are 5 of them!, did you know that?) did you run a test using the gift of good measure on a some proofgrade?


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#5 has all you need.

Good luck!


Already touched on these and still not working. Thank you though.

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I used their call in support today and it was amazing! They got all 3 of my glowforges back up an running (I have been neglecting them lately)

Most companies do not host a platform where someone can even ask the question about support publicly on it. I think it’s really cool they have a platform which supports a question like yours to the wider community. My other laser is a black hole when it comes to support.

Hang in there because it’s actually an amazing support setup. Try using the phone support.


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