How many Chainmaille/Scalemaille artisans are there here?

So, I was just curious as to how many people here, besides me, make Chainmaille or Scalemaille? I’ve seen a couple of people mention it and I know Chainmaille Bill from Utopia Armory is here too. So how long has everyone been making maille and what do you tend to focus on? Are you planning on using your :glowforge: with maille products?

Me: Iron Wolf
Started making maille in 2002.
Make everything from jewelry to armor, but mostly tops at the moment. :slight_smile:


Had some. Have been thinking about scale for decorative but need steel if it would be useful. Interesting question is how many are part of SCA or similar. I have made a lot of silver necklaces but none of them could be called maille.

I’m one, I’ve been making maille for around the same time as you and have leveraged it into a decent side business. Mostly jewelry now though but I’ve done it all, including my micromaille wedding ring.

I’ve been working on a chainmaille shirt on and off for about 4 years now. Does that count?

I’ve made some jewelry, a couple of big swatches of 4-1 for my brother’s cosplay project and one scale shirt! Started in 2005

is that a legit hobby? I’d think the craft had died down since the invention of the machine gun…
good to learn something everyday. wonder what you guy can use the GF for it!

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Pics! Please?

Wow, you made me realize the listing on my website is really old and I need to retake those photos.

This is exactly why zombies are such a concern these days - the lack of personal body armor. When everyone owned a pike and armor zombie outbreaks were quickly quelled.

I’ve never heard of illegal hobbies, but not illegitimate ones. It’d be cool, but too many cool things and not enough time.


Until there were firearms. I was at the Met in NYC this weekend and they have a really good display of medieval armor and weaponry - including some of the first firearms that caused the demise of armor. The later stage armors had 2nd layers for bullet protection that generally added another 15lbs or more to the already heavy armor plate. It was a losing battle - you could survive a bullet but your mobility sucked. If you had mobility you’d get shot dead. We needed to await the invention of Aramid fibers before armor became useful again (and oftentimes a lot less conspicuous).


Before I left basic training at Ft Benning, Ga. I set aside time to visit the infantry Museum. From ancient swords and armor to modern missile launchers and such. It truly amazed me the lengths mankind has gone to in the effort to exterminate each other.
Fortunately my house is on a rise with good fields or fire for the zombie hordes as they advance. (Also…some of my neighbors are anti gun…So I’ll have time to reload as the zombies stop for snacks…) :+1::sunglasses:


Having studied cults since the 1970s I expect the zombie hoards will also have guns, but be easier to outsmart than outshoot.

I used to think that chainmaille was about the coolest thing ever. Mr Tolkien’s stories may have had something to do with that. Then I got a chance to wear a hooded chain… tunic(? not sure the name… chainmaille hoodie?) at Ren Faire and came to an understanding… that stuff is not as supple and comfortable as J.R.R. made it out to be. Must be a difference between mithril and steel.

Fast-forward twenty something years, and I looked into how it is made… holy time-consuming pliers! I admire those of you with the patience for it.


It’s the shuffling gait…they stay in range for a really long time…

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With both knees and an ankle in a terrible shape, I have a shuffling gait when I can stand at all.


Yes, it is. There are a lot of people making maille stuff. It’s grown a lot in popularity in the last 7-8 years. Most make jewelry type items because basic items are easy to make items at a reasonable cost. Big custom items (shirts) can take 80+ hours to make and very few people want to pay what they are really worth. Please cheap imports on ebay damage the market too…


It’s all about the size of the ring. Smaller rings make it more like cloth. Type of metal also makes a big difference in weight. It all depends on the intended use - costume vs SCA type activity.


Then just like I used to tell the scouts (Though it was bears…), we don’t have to be faster than the zombie… just faster than you! Ha!:+1::sunglasses:

Now that I have batteries in my power chair that might be harder :sunglasses:


Don’t knock the zombie-apocalypse applications of a power chair!