How many topics have you read?


Does anyone know how many ‘topics’ there are ?
Every time I manage to read the latest posts, up pops ‘suggested topics’, and it always seems to contain ones that I’ve never seen before.
If I start browsing down the list, they seem endless !
Anyone read all of them ? My eyes start to ache after only about half an hours reading: perhaps a trip to the optician might be an idea :pensive:


i used to read all the posts. but the forum has grown and now i mostly skim all the new posts and anything @dan writes.

But, to answer you question, here’s where my stats sit.


Here are my current stats!


My activity only dates back to around April, (only a few posts before that cause I was busy on another forum), so this is the total activity for about 8 months: 51,800 posts read. Yikes! What a chatty bunch!

(And I’m probably the worst culprit.) :slight_smile:


One of the best ways to avoid missing new stuff is to make a couple of changes in the “Other” section of the preferences page in your profile:
Here is how I have it set:

If yours isn’t already set like this, be prepared to see a lot of New posts after making the changes!


I try to read as much as possible. When I am having a slow day I will read pretty much everything but on a busier day I’ll mostly just skim. I’ve found a lot of cool stuff by keeping up with the forums


I am shocked that I have logged more time on this forum than I have on Rocket League… I should really stop interacting with you beautiful people and go back to my introverted ways…


you are WAY more generous with your likes than I am!


I am a bit obsessed with keeping up.


You’re also apparently way more likable than me…


I think I need to get out more…


I’m on a lot but am at least 12,000 posts behind. Not sure what/where they are but from others here I can see that they’re there because of their stats. I still find ones unread by their black font (vs grey) in the lists below topics as I read them.

It also looks like I’m a bookmark 'ho :slight_smile:


That’s how my profile is set but I still come across unread ones daily. And seeing some of the other stats here I know I’m missing thousands.


I went to the main display screen, selected Everything Else topic and scrolled clear to the bottom (takes a bit).

Once I found topics I had seen, I right clicked on the post and opened in a new tab. If you just hit the back button, you have to scroll all the way down again (each time).




I’ve been slacking a bit lately…


Close to all of 'em, you people are amazing. :sunglasses:
Over the past year, this community has evolved into a primary source of education/inspiration and entertainment… and with prerelease units rolling, it’s getting even better.

I’m trying to figure out where rpegg found 2,300 posts more than I :thinking:
and how @PFI-Guy managed to read 65,000 posts in 6 days :no_mouth:


I’m doing pretty good…


Tip of the hat :mortar_board: to you.


Nothing impressive but I’ll share