How much is a wooden nickel worth?



My wife just had twins the past week, so I mocked up a wooden nickel to print up when I eventually get my GF. Mine will probably be a two cent piece, but in reality, it will be priceless,


Definitely priceless! :wink:


I used to think it would be great to have twins. This was before I one baby. After that, I have a lot more respect for people who have twins!



An awesome first project (after the founder’s ruler of course)!


:confetti_ball: congratulations!


Very nice! And congratulations :champagne:


Congratulations!! All the best!! :baby: :baby:


Twins are twice as great!

Congratulations. I love the coin design.


Well that’s just awesome! Congrats! :balloon:




So cute, my wife is beating me over the head about having another baby. My daughter is almost 11. That is quite a gap lol


Great, but four times the trouble.

No, wait, I’m thinking twin engine r/c airplanes; don’t really have any experience of twin meat bags.


I have three kids from a prior marriage, and the youngest is 30. Compared to the twins just born, now, THAT’S a gap


Nice design and Congrats!