How much is reasonable to charge per minute of glowforge cutting time?

Hello Glowforger,

People are asking me to make them things and I don’t know how much to charge per minute of cutting on the Glowforge. I welcome any suggestions. Thank you.


Here’s a great thread on that - read through the responses too - there’s no one right answer!

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Emphasis here:

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I admit I’ve not dug thru the threads linked by others, and have been trying to figure this out for 15+ years! (every artist/crafter has to deal with this).

Factor in your time (say $25/hour–time spent on the artwork, and setting up the job, cleaning the parts, etc), material cost (how much of the material used for the item(s) plus scrap/unrecoverable for other jobs), and overhead (e.g. utilities for the machine and your studio). And overhead could include cost of the equipment, too–e.g. price divided by 5 years to get an hourly rate…

But then look at what is being charged for similar items in the market, too to make sure you’re in the ballpark. There will always be really cheap stuff out there, so ignore the low end…


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