How much would you sell your used GF for?


Out of curiosity if you ever decide to sell your GF how much would you sell yours for? Let’s assume we’re talking about a basic unit no filter for now and that after the pre-order is over, it is actually sold for the suggested MSRP price listed on the site right now. $4000USD and… Say 300 hours of cutting on it.
I have no plan on selling mine, but curious what your thoughts are on this. :slight_smile:


I would try for my initial investment, rounded to $2000.


Ok lets say I sell mine after using it, I could probably sell it for between 5000-6000 USD, if I would sell it right after I got it, new, more to 7000 USD.

If I would be selling it as a retailer and give warranty on it, 8000 USD+

I have preordered a pro version without air filter and I live in Europe.

Bear in mind I wouldn’t be making much money off of it due to import tax and shipping. At least not in the 5k mark



Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I mean in a large way we, as pre-order people, will control the used market. We all aim high (if heaven forbid we sell) we’ll all score high. Haha!


Too many unknown factors at this point.

The price of technology drops fast as competitors enter the market space. Drones are a good example of this. Their is no guarantee that the actual retail price will rise.

Also, is the warranty transferable?

How long down the road are you asking? Laser tubes are a consumable with an estimated 2 year life. $500 to replace so that impacts resale value.


More just theoretical. Haha. But yeah the life of the tube is something to consider. Hmm…


This is what I would do, too.

If the prices stayed as they are now, you might still be able to recoup most of your investment, even though its not that much more expensive. When I bought my tablet, I tried to find a used one and was pretty bummed to find used ones selling for almost as much as brand new ones. Which sucked, but I think it was a supply and demand thing. I think people were happy to forego the warranty and newness for having it immediately, getting to see it and try it out, and saving a couple hundred dollars.


If I can get the Glowforge team to sign it, I might keep it mint-in-box for a few decades, then sell it as a collectors item. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Depends on how soon GF 2.0 comes out. If they introduce killer new features (like more z depth), that could affect the resale value of GF 1.0.


Yep really depends on newer model and it’s price, also in how far actual price of new ones will be/competition bringing gf like features and of course what others are selling their used ones for…if there are few for sale and new ones are around 4k with waitlist, you’ll get top dollars…if lots of used ones for sale/new ones a available significantly under 4k obviously less.


Also depends on how fast GF ramps up supplies. Something that desirable with a long waiting time increases the value, but the effect will not last.


As several have said in different ways, it would depend on availability. If I could turn $1000 over what I could get another one NIB within a month I’d sell.


I would create a formula that measures consumption on the device as well as score for wear and tear above that of just cleaning the ceiling tray and then apply the deprecation of that to the retail price… Ie… Just take a swag. We don’t know what retail really will be or how in demand they will be nire the time table of v2


Used prices will be affected by a lot of things, but shipping will be important. If you can only sell locally then you have a much smaller market to pursue and prices might be lower. Those of you thinking about selling might want to plan on saving the shipping material and checking FedEx ground rates. They seem to be least expensive for large heavy stuff.


I have no intentions of selling my post was a joke but being silly on the internet doesn’t translate well


Sorry, figured that but replied to you without realizing it. The comment was made in general and partly because there isn’t much else to discuss while we wait for RTM to be officially announced.


Wouldn’t sell for all the rice in china!


Just spitballing here, but what about if we, as the pre-order folk. Or even more so those that got into the GF during last October and are in line to get our GF by December. If we were to purchase a second GF at the same price as the first (about $2Kish) and when we receive BOTH our GF’s we turn around and offer to sell the second one for say $4K before the March folks are able to even get their machines. I’m thinking someone could easily make back all the money spent on both machines by just selling the second one immediately upon receipt.


Biggest question is if the 2nd machine would get delivered at the same time as the 1st or if it would be pushed to the March 2017 timeframe.

You can upgrade (& downgrade) and keep your position in line but I haven’t seen anything that says you can add a whole new machine and have that one grandfathered into your current spot in line.

I’d say that wouldn’t be either fair or in GF’s best interests to allow you to add another machine to your current line position.