How my GF helped me prepare for a wholesale show

Got another decal POP display option done in time for the show this weekend.

This design ships better than the other one and can easily be adapted for use for 2 decals down by 1 across up to 3 down by 2 across. It uses a 1"x4" cut to length and with an angled groove (saw blade kerf) for the BB plywood to slide into. The BB is cut and engraved on the Glowforge. Add a couple 1" pegboard hooks and it’s ready to go.


Made a few sales during the wholesale show and have another dozen strong leads that I’ll follow up with soon. From a big picture/long term perspective, I think it was successful. From a short term cash flow perspective, it wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped. Now to refocus for a big retail show in two weeks.