How my GF helped me prepare for a wholesale show

Hi everyone! I haven’t been spending too much time on the forums lately as I have been working like crazy to get ready for my first wholesale trade show in two weeks. And my Glowforge played a few roles mostly toward the goal of giving my booth a little more polished look.

One of the first projects I did when I received my Glowforge last September was to etch the business name onto this decal display I bought from a local manufacture.

When thinking about countertop displays my wholesale customers could use to display my decals, I came up with the following design using a 4"x4", a round base (cut on the Glowforge) with a lazy susan mechanism, and a “topper” made on the Glowforge. If you look carefully in the top right you can see another decal stand design I’m still working on.

For something quick and cheap to have my infamous postcards right next to the register, I found some simple berry baskets and etched the logo onto an oval of BB ply and then glued it in place. The other option was to disassemble the basket, etch directly on it, and then put it back together.

My primary products are t-shirts. While I’ll have about 20 shirts on display around the booth, I’ll have every shirt in my catalog available for buyers to look at hanging on a rack. To facilitate quickly finding just the right shirt, I created these dividers using Draftboard.

The only products I currently offer that are made on the Glowforge are the state map shot glasses. I hope to have more Glowforge-made products by the fall.

And to give my wife and I a more polished look, I etched the logo onto Proofgrade leather and sewed them onto a couple 1/4 zip sweaters (after dyeing and sealing them).


Those are extremely professional touches! (Particularly like the jacket tags!)

Good luck with the sale…let us know how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent branding! Now for some reason…I’m wanting to watch Bullwinkle. Hmmm😎


I’ll give an update after the show. Most of this will also show up in my booth at the New Hampshire Made Expo in Manchester, NH, in early April, as well. If any of you from New England find yourself at that show, please stop by and say Hi.


Would you be willing to share where you got the decal display in the first picture. Assuming they do online sales at all. I have been looking high and low to find a good display for the decals and stickers I male.

If you have (or will soon have) a Glowforge, make your own. This one was made on a laser. I had one designed but I needed it for a retail show before my Glowforge arrived. It’s essentially a postcard rack.

Clear Solutions Displays is mostly catalog and on-line ordering. It just happens that it is located 15 minutes from my house so I was able to pick it up.

Some excellent items you have there! Especially like the jacket customization.


Great Job!

I’ll have every shirt in my catalog available for buyers to look at hanging on a rack. To facilitate quickly finding just the right shirt, I created these dividers using Draftboard.

I sheepishly admit that when I first saw the picture of your clothing rack hanger I thought I must be really out of touch with fashion… what sizes are ME, NH, VT etc…

Then my brain clicked that they are what the theme of the clothing is… :joy:


Nice job!

And look at that smile!


At the next show, I’ll probably go with dividing the shirts by size since they’ll mostly be New Hampshire-themed.


Don’t tell anyone about the smile. I have a reputation to maintain.


Looks like you’re definitely set for the show! Nicely done. Your leather logos look amazing!


Amazing stuff! Especially love those leather patches on your jackets…great idea and very professional!

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These are brilliant! The clothes dividers are genius and love the logo. Really adding value to everything, great branding.

It moose’t of taken you ages to come up with that?! (sorry).


I can’t get over the New Hampshire Expressions. You and your booth are looking so polished!


Thanks, @dan! The first time my then 14 year old niece saw the NH Expressions postcard, she went up to my wife and said “It’s funny because he’s really like that.” After way too long stressing over the booth setup, I’m happy with how it has come together.


Super cool. Way to market your goods. Looks very professional!

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I know that was a lot of work; it’s paying off in how professional and cohesive your “look” is. Very good work!

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Wowser… great job.

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Oh man, nice work. I particularly like the small leather engraved patch concept.

Really well done.

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