How permanent is the adhesive on the PG veneer?

Trying to decide on materials for a project, and veneer might finish things nicely. I am leery of self adhesive stuff though, and wonder if it’ll give up and start to peel at some future date. Anyone done a torture test on it, or otherwise have word on its longevity?

Haven’t done an outdoor test or rough treatment tests, but the glowforge logo veneer ‘decal’ that I picked up at maker faire sf 2016 was stuck to a filing cabinet in my shop two years ago and shows no signs of failing.
The adhesive backing on the veneer is from 3M, whom I generally trust as one of the better manufacturers for that sort of thing.


I made an inlaid knife block with tiny bits of veneer back in March (I think) and it gets splashed a bit, and the adhesive has held up extremely well.

Back when I made it, the veneer was in beta and came unfinished, so I stained it first, which swelled it a little, but had no effect on the adhesive.

Unfortunately, the sun from the window sill did fade the stain. Badly. (Probably not going to be an issue for the pre-finished PG veneer now, just thought I’d mention it. Their prefinished stuff has not faded so far, and it’s sitting in the same window.)


I have had occasion to remove a piece of it, and was thoroughly impressed with how strong the bond was.