How realistic is it to sell my glowforge?

Hey y’all.

So I’ve had my glowforge pro since April 2019, and honestly it’s been not that useful. I had big dreams, but with my living situation being not ideal for a laser it’s been on the back burner always and has only gotten a few hours use at most.

So, a few questions:

  1. Can glowforges be resold? Would I need to sell it to someone already in the community?
  2. Is there a section of the forum where I could post it?


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You can list them here. Obviously, only members of the community would see that listing. You can sell it to anyone you like. They won’t have a warranty.

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(… and as most members here are already owners, your market is somewhat limited…)

Sorry for the error! I put the wrong year. I purchased my glowforge in April of 2019.

Very true. I’m not even sure where to begin with selling it outside of the GF community, or how that would go regarding getting them set up with the online access.

You would have to transfer ownership through Glowforge support much as with selling a car. You don’t own it till it is certified. As you are on the West Coast I would guess you could sell it on Craigslist but posting here is not as useless as it might seem as while everyone has one already they have friends who don’t.


Yes, you can sell it, but once you do, both you and the buyer will have to arrange the transfer of ownership through Glowforge.

When you sell it, contact support directly via email ( and they will ask you for whatever information they need from you to transfer the account. As soon as the buyer receives the unit, they will need to do the same thing. And it needs to be via email because it will deal with your personal information.


Folks definitely do it -"for%20sale"

The forum is public so you can make a post here and then link it to any other medium you use to try to sell it. Folks would need to sign up to send you a DM, but even without they can see that you’re a user with an Owner tag so it will lessen their fear of being scammed.

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April puts it over the year long warranty. You’ve said only a few hours of use, but you could also ask support to let you know the true usage hours. It just comes down to a price you’re willing to sell at. I’m a Plus owner, but I’m always interested in seeing Pros people are selling because I may need to upgrade.


Or get a second one!


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