How simple can you get?

It’s a toothpaste/etc tube squeezer. Takes about a minute to cut in inventables 3/32 acrylic. The only interesting part is that I did a defocused (0.500 focus height) score just outside the tube slot to round the edge of the cut. Won’t insult people by posting an svg :wink:

Might be another good thing to use up scrap. (And if you personalized it, might be cute no-brainer swag)


That defocussing trick is indeed pretty handy!

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It really is. I’ve been using it to draw lines on wood, and the texture is kinda cool.

Has anyone tried it for large-area engraves? I bet you could go way down on the lpi.

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Actually I’v made them in 3d for my Grandkids, its a bear with a wide mouth and the toothpaste tube goes in. They loved them!

Simple is good!


I really need one of those. :sunglasses::+1:
(and not just for toothpaste - trying to get the Gorilla Glue out of the tube is a real pain in the tush!)

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last night I was thinking about something like this, as I tried to get all of the cheese-goo out of a mac n cheese packet


Now I’m thinking about a fancy version where I cut some kind of curve that acts as a spring.