How thick of an item can I engrave

I see information on the thickest items that can be cut, but is this also for engraving? Can I engrave something as large as a beer mug? I emailed, but I thought it might be a topic others would want answered as well

1.5" if you remove the tray… it’s mentioned on the Tech Specs page:

Maximum thickness of material with tray installed: 0.5″ (13mm)
Maximum thickness of material with tray removed: 1.5″ (38mm)

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Thanks Tim! Totally right. You can fit items up to 1.5" thick in the bed, so I’m afraid a beer mug is out - although pocket flasks work great (there’s a few floating around in the background of the ‘etsy shop’ scene in the video).

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Thank you both! We pre-orderd the Pro this afternoon and are extremely excited about it