How to check what firmware your machine is on?

Is there a way to check what firmware each machine is on?

There are “hacker” ways but I am not a hacker. The good news is you can make sure a machine is on the latest firmware by simply power cycling. Every time the :glowforge: is powered up it checks for the latest firmware.


Lid open or closed? Thanks for the info. I was just wondering if there was a way to see what # each of our machines was on to see if they are both on the same # of firmware.

Always start with the lid closed. If there is a firmware update that has not already been applied it may take extra long to boot. The GFUI will tell you when everything is ready by saying… wait for it… ready. :smile:
Now be aware, 95% of actions are due to software on the servers. Things like the relatively new sleep mode is in firmware.


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