How to Clean Glowforge Air Assist Fan

Finally finished my most requested tutorial video on how to clean the air assist fan. Putting this in beyond the manual just because it’s not 1 for 1 what is said in the glowforge support guide. I had to do some step by step edits and voice over to get it down to a 5 min how to (1 min intro) and get straight to the point. I hope this helps others out who haven’t cleaned their air assist fan before:


I have been using a vacuum connected to the vent and pouring Purell hand sanitizer through it. The vacuum creates a good breeze and sucks out all the stuff and the rotation of the fan has a similar enough movement that the cotton swabs would have little to find,

This way the carriage does not need to be removed, and several places like the white cable,and the belt tightening that could go wrong are not disturbed. However, doing so that way, I have never seen how much stuff was removed and as good as your fan looked, that was an amazing amount removed,

I clean mine from the top when connected all the time too but with straw cleaners and air duster. This is the first time taking apart since getting it. So there was way more then I thought too

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My white cable hasn’t been disconnected in years. The head windows, mirror and lens can be easily cleaned without disconnecting the head.

Also, I can easily remove the belt from the pulleys without loosening the pulley with an Allen wrench. The belt is intentionally tight but pulling down and out on the belt as it is wrapped around the pulley will allow it to come off. Same thing for putting it on. As always, that’s my experience, your mileage may vary.