How To Clean Your Glowforge Exhaust Fan EASILY... GF basic / GF plus

I know this topic has been ripped to shreds by pretty much every user… However, I was just not happy with every solution that had been given out by other users and even Glowforge so I decided to formulate a procedure to do it properly (In my eyes). I spend a good 12 hours coming up with a solution and I’m happy to say that I’m now able to remove and reinstall my exhaust fan in 5 min.



The solution:
Once you know how to get the fan out with the right tool it’s no problem. It’s getting it back in that’s the pain… Well with these Guides all is sorted: If you have a 3d printer the link to the files are in the description of the video. for those looking to just buy the guides here you go I’ll be making them myself:


Excellent Video!! I love the multiple camera views to show details. Good idea on the screw guides also.
As my machine is out of warranty, I will likely ixnay the two bosses and cut out the grate behind the fan too.


Great video. Second everything @gewubs said. And I appreciate your sharing the file for free for those that have 3D printers.


Awesome video, and post. Thank you very much.


No problem. I really want this to be the be all and end all of headaches for basic and plus users. =)

Once again sorry pro users. If I come up with and Idea for you all i’ll make sure I let you know.


Brilliant. This might even motivate me to clean that fan.


Mine is still pretty clean, but this is inspiring me also. I have read the posts which recommend removing the left side top glass, but part of me worries about mucking up the alignment of things. I can take on fiddly jobs but knowing that something CAN be done beforehand really helps.

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The left (and right) covers have no bearing on the alignment. They are just covers that snap onto the plastic case, secured down the middle with a couple of screws.

There really needs to be a big warning to not attempt this if you have a pro, unless you really know what you’re doing around sensitive/delicate equipment. The cooling system “upgrades” make it very difficult, and potentially damaging, to remove the fan on a pro.

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You are right that there is no direct bearing on alignment, I just even don’t want to pop holes in the foil covering the clips. This is less invasive to me. When my machine is working well I hesitate to do anything to tempt fate. Also I have ball end allen keys LOL
This reminds me of a story in an old Car & Driver (or R&T?) years ago about a guy who had a very old and neglected car that ran perfectly. As the story goes, he decided to “treat” it to some new spark plugs. This apparently upset the delicate balance and touched off an entire string of failures that cost thousands of dollars to put right. I’m sure that story was made up to be humorous, but it has always made me cautious. :smile: