How to convert a filled in file to outlines?

I made some earrings for my wife using the file that was posted here some time (13.9 KB)

I would like to make her some snowflake earrings using medium PG white acrylic but I can’t find any files that I can cut. I have purchased several from Etsy but they are all filled in figures for engraving such as this one: deleted

Is there a way (in Inkscape) to outline the figure to cut only?

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Yes! :slight_smile:

If it’s a filled vector you solely need to select cut in the GFUI after you’ve uploaded it

If it’s a bitmap you can follow the instructions here:

PS - if that’s a purchased design you probably don’t have permission to share, so if this answers your questions you should remove the file (or upload a screen shot of it if you don’t want the question to look confusing!)


That’s what I was looking for. I want to be able to do the inside cuts first and can’t do that when I change from an engrave to cut in the GFUI.

To the inside cuts first you’ll want to change the colours of those lines
in Inkscape select the drawing
then ungroup - if you’re lucky that’ll break it up exactly as you’re hoping*
then select the items you want to recolour
group those
then change the stroke colour to anything different

If it doesn’t break up the way you’re hoping you can go into the node selector and select the nodes you want, and change the colours that way

I’d help, but I don’t have Inkscape here at work :frowning:


I’m home now, so if you’d like help with the file let me know!

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It doesn’t usually matter whether or not the inside cuts are first. The piece probably won’t move anyway. I never had any issue yet with that. Just try one on a scrap piece and see.

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Small parts can warp when cut from a larger sheet. It’s not typical but cutting the perimeter last can prevent issues. It’s why many designs are laid out that way.

if you are using wood that has some warp, and have it pinned down to stay flat, cutting the interior details first and perimeter last can help avoid having the part lift up once it is no longer attached to the rest of the sheet. Parts that have lifted up can get in the way of the laser, alter where an element falls, and potentially hit the fan scoop.

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