How to Create Connected Text using Cuttle

Hi folks! I made a new video tutorial on creating connected text so it can be cut in one piece. It’s using Cuttle, the web-based laser cutting design tool.

Most of the time it’s pretty easy and it only takes 3 steps:

  • Type some text
  • Choose the right font
  • Apply Boolean Union

And you are good to go!


Text is always ready to cut in Cuttle. Just export it as SVG. Or just copy and paste it directly into Glowforge’s app!

You don’t need to perform an extra step like “Create Outlines” (Illustrator) or “Object to Path” (Inkscape). But you do need to do Modify > Boolean Union if you want your letters to be joined.

You can choose different fonts and change the horizontal letter spacing and vertical line spacing to suit your designs even after after you have applied Boolean Union.


Not all fonts are optimized for this kind of thing though, and sometimes you need to move around some floating details like the dot above the i or j (called a tittle apparently), or accent marks or the occasional stray capital initial. That’s covered in the video too.


As long as you are using Boolean Union other shapes can be thrown in the mix so there is an example of adding a rectangle to create a simple functional object (I call it a “cake topper” in the video though I have yet to meet the maniac who puts broccoli on their cake :laughing:), I’m sure you can come up with even better uses for this.

I hope this is helpful, happy to answer any questions or provide more examples :slightly_smiling_face:

Also big thanks to @chris1 who recorded the first video on this subject and inspired mine.


Thanks for all the improvements!


Nice video! I watched it this morning and learned a few more tips. Thanks for crediting the inspiration. :slight_smile:


Great tutorial. And I love how you included actually cutting the thing before you joined everything :smiley:


We really needs some fonts that are guaranteed fully-connected :wink:
i’s, accents, leading capitalization all taken care of in the font :wink:


Here’s a nice set:

Although the i’s still aren’t connected.


Nice resource @jestelle. Thanks for the info, great stuff @federico, i am really impressed with the advances Cuttle has made!


We were thinking about making a Cuttle modifier that would just migrate all the islands to the main text.

So for each small piece (like a dot on i) it would find the direction that’s closest to the main text, then move it in that direction until it’s touching.

Alternatively, instead of moving an island, we could keep the island where it is and connect it with a “bridge”.

Just some ideas :slight_smile:


Cuttle is getting better and better!


Thank you. This is exactly what I need to make a gift for my sister-in-law.


I love how Cuttle keeps improving, and the fact that we can just copy and paste right into GF is fantastic! Thank you all for working so hard to improve it!


I like these ideas :smiley:


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