How to cut 7.5 mylar stencils through the passthrough!

HEY, for those who are struggling… I somewhat have a solution for you!

So I’ve been playing around with the mylar stencils since I couldn’t find enough information on it regarding the use of the passthrough slot.

I tried using the passthrough slot & couldn’t get it to align correctly & I’m guessing that it’s because of the glare the stencil gives. So the camera is thrown off which throws off the alignment.

alignment off - stencil
alignment off w - stencil
alignment off w blue tape - stencil

I tried to place blue tape where the glare shows once it’s scanned but no luck. So I decided to put the same paper tack I use on my acrylics & draft boards to prevent the glare from showing & it worked! Alignment fixed.

Here are the settings I used…

Before using the paper tack (the stencil by itself) & this is placed on the crumb tray. (Perfect settings if you don’t use the paper tack - very clean lines!):
Thickness - 0.01
Speed - FULL
Power - 50
Focus - AUTO

Settings w/ paper tack on stencil placed on the crumb tray:
Thickness - 0.01
Speed - FULL
Power - 65
Focus - AUTO

Materials I used:
7.5 Mylar stencil blank from STENCILEASE

Perfect tear plus - medium tack

  • I honestly forgot where I purchased it from… it’s lasted me so long since I got the 12"x100yard roll.

I said I somewhat have a solution because although the paper tack fixed the glare alignment issue & the changed settings allowed to cut through both layers… the lines aren’t as perfect as it was when I didn’t make any changes or add ons.

rough edges - stencil

The lines & edges are kinda rough. If you’re okay with that, then perfect! I made these stencils for a construction worker who needed to spray paint his info on some of those orange pole divider things… (delineators???) So I didn’t need them SUPER perfect.

If you wanna play with the settings & find a better way to use mylar materials through the passthrough , please let me know!


Thanks for working through this issue and sharing your experience. I am sure others will find it quite helpful.


Great tip! Thanks for sharing!


Great workaround!


Thanks for the great tip. It might also help with focus issues on reflective material, even when not using the passthrough.

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YES! Definitely!