How to cut near edges of stamp design

Hello all,

I did some trial and error with stamp making today.
I usually start my stamp file out with a black colored image, then add a white shape in the back using AI.
Then I group the two images and invert the colors.

The problem: the shape I’m adding to the back of the design is also creating an imprint on the material (raised square or circle imprint). If I use rubber material, there are too many dots in the background of the stamp that can also create an imprint.

I think the best method to avoid these problems is cutting along the edges of the stamp design. I know the GF monthly subscription has a tool that can cut around the edge of designs but I don’t have the GF subscription right now.

Can someone please share what tool you use to cut along the edge of a stamp design?

I was thinking about importing the design to Procreate on my iPad, then using the Apple Pencil to draw a line around the edges, then importing it back to AI to create an outline out of that shape. This feels like too many steps. I’m not an expert in AI but I’m trying to get better.

I’m sharing a picture of a tiny stamp I engraved on clear acrylic today. I used a rectangle to cut it out but it wasn’t the right measurement so it didn’t cut close enough.

The AI tool you’re looking for is object/path/offset.


Or in Illustrator you can just add a cut rectangle (stroke, no fill) on top that is slightly smaller than the engraving design. Set it to be a different color and it will show up in the Glowforge interface as a separate operation. That’s what I always do with stamps.

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