How to cut shapes inside the design

So I put together a design for a license plate cover that I can use, but I can’t figure out how to cut out the inside of the frame design. Doing the outline cut is simple, but does anyone know how I can cut out shapes like between the frame, screw loops

, legs, and elbow?

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How to do it will depend a lot on what software you’re using to design. Let us know what you’re using and we’ll have specific advice. :slight_smile:

The cuts are pretty simple. all you need is vectors in those shapes, I find Inkscape pretty simple. You will want to start somewhere and that is as good as any.

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I am having the same problem. I have an elaborate frame I want to cut but I can only get the outside cut line. The inside cutline is a very elaborate cutout and I can’t figure how to do this in inkscape. If it were a straightforward shape inside I think I could manage it, but it isn’t. I have sure cuts alot, inkscape and Gimp software

If you can upload your svg I’m sure someone can look at it.