How to Cut within a scored drawing

Hi, I have been trying to figure this out and can’t. So frustrating. How do I score this drawing, which I have done, but then cut out all that is red?
Thank you in advance.

It’s a jpeg, so if this is your only version, you are on the hook to convert it to a SVG with vector lines where you want to cut.

It’s not 100% clear what you are trying to do though. For example, the red are in the center has a spiral on it, if you cut that out, the lines are going to be lost inside the red area.

Also, you say “score”, but do you perhaps mean engrave?

Scoring draws fine lines, engraving can do the same but with more control over line width. In this case, it’s a raster (jpeg) so you’re on the hook for engrave, I think.

You also don’t mention cutting the entire thing out. Maybe you’re engraving on a cutting board or some other set size material, so an external cut line is not necessary. You should search the forum for “trace” feature in whatever program you use for SVG editing (inkscape, illustrator, etc), and go from there.

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In your vector editor of choice, make the outline of the red some color that’s different from anything you want to engrave or score. Then remove the red fill altogether otherwise that will want to be engraved.

Then when you bring it into the app, you’ll see all of the “cut” colored items will have their own settings. Set it to Cut.

If you really do want to remove the red parts from the image (as in cut them out of the material) you can probably use the Trace function in the Glowforge interface the most easily.

There is a tutorial on how to use it here:

In addition, there are a couple of overview tutorials you should read…it will make it easier to understand and use the machine:


Thank you Jules. I will try.
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Hi, I uploaded a jpeg for convenience but have it in any possible format I would need. I should have been clearer. I do mean score. I am creating 3d sculptures of sorts and I use score lines on my wood to then “color” them in. I do realize those swirls will b e cut. That was an oversight on my part. anything that is red I want to cut out. I have both photoshop and illustrator but clearly don’t understand illustrator. I will also cut the whole thing out, roughly, so I have made a separate cut file with the outline. I do appreciate your time and will read your response again. Kenneth

The Glowforge interprets filled areas as “engrave” and vectors as “cut.”

Thanks for the help everyone. @art4all2, I’m going to move this to Everything Else so the discussion can continue if needed!

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Thank you Dan.