Laser Design Basics 🤔


Laser Design Basics.pdf (770.3 KB)

dl488 9/6/17

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This is absolutely masterful. Descriptions and illustrations get the basics and then some!




With the new avatar that post is… creepy beyond words


Hadn’t occurred to me… thanks for the laugh :joy:


I finally have some time to start looking at what you created. Wow! You have put so much thoughtful time and effort into this. It will be a wonderful resource for those that are just getting started or who are looking to accomplish something they have not tried before.

I can’t imagine the hours you invested. Thank you for being such a valuable asset to the Glowforge community!


So thankful!!! Exactly what I needed. Being new to this whole laser world and 2D drawing programs takes a lot of time to figure out everything. Thank you for this to the point lesson. Love it!!! :heart_eyes:


This is fantastic…I could have used this to refresh my memory when teaching my vector tracing class for my shop teacher before they did their laser projects! Great explanations of the basics and the raster/vector difference (and a few new things I should have realized were important! :grimacing:).

Thanks for all you contribute to this forum!


Thank you for the invaluable help the Laser Design Basics doc offers. It’s going to be a steep learning curve for me and this makes the adventure much less daunting.

A sincere thank you.


This is wonderful, thank you! I’m trying to study up as our machine comes today, and this is a great tutorial.


I am getting a server error when I try to download the pdf. Could be on my side, but posting just in case.

"500 Origin Error

The origin server is not reachable or returns an error."


@Jules The more things I search out in the forum the more of your tutorials I find. And they’re all great! Thank you for each and every one of them.


Oh my pleasure! (And thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:)


I’m methodically going through the tutorials to see the breadth of my ignorance. And to combat it, I guess.

Thank you Jules!!


The more you know, the easier it gets! Glad they’re helping, you’re gonna really kick @sk when you get through a few! :grinning: