How to determine print settings for an unknown wood

I bought some veggie trays ( and I want to engrave on them. Problem is, I only have the one set so can’t practice to determine the print settings. Any suggestions as to how to determine the settings?


Make a little signature or something separate from your design and engrave that one first with reasonable settings. That way if it’s a tad too light or too dark you can correct for the big primary job.


LOL, I like it, thanks

I usually start at a very low setting and gradually increase until I’m happy with the engrave depth. I usually start somewhere around 40% power and then go up from there.

I think the wood in the Amazon photo is Acacia wood, but I’d be a bit leary with them not naming the wood and just referring to it as “Solid Natural Wood”. I saw someone in the reviews mentioned getting different woods as well. So if you think you got Acacia wood, I’d skip to #4 below. If you’re not sure, I would go to #3. :slight_smile:

  1. Test a scrap piece if ya got it. (Not an option for you.)

  2. If you know what wood it is but don’t know a good setting, you can look at something called a “Janka Scale” which lists the hardness rating of wood. You can find the hardness for the material you want to use, then find the hardness for a known wood with a similar hardness that you know the setting for and that will give you a good starting point.

  3. When I’m in doubt, I start around 1000 speed, 270 LPI and 50-60ish power for a not too deep engraving using “vary power”. (If you aren’t sure what the different settings do, see “working with manual mode” link below.) I make sure and secure the material so it will not move and if I want it darker/deeper after the first run, I just run the engraving again. I always suggest starting very conservative with a lower setting because you can always run the engraving again and take away more material, but you can’t put it back.

  4. Search the forum for the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

@shop knows his stuff and I would start here if you have Acacia wood. vvvvvv

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thanks. The image is sadly gone

Which image are you referring too? If it’s the one in the Acacia setting link, you can find it here. It was a link within the link. :slight_smile:

it looks like somehow discourse screwed up my image link in that thread. let me see if i can find a picture to upload.

the good closeup i have of it is from one of my “what watch are you wearing today” pictures, but lets you see the engrave up a little closer.

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