How to found material in EU

Hello everyone,

I just received my Glowforge, thanks team, it’s works great and it’s awesome !!! :slight_smile:

So I am French, living in France and I would like to know were I can buy some product to grave and cut with good shipping AND if it’s possible (I do not think so but we will see), proof grade.

Thanks for your help.


What happens when you click on the “Shop” link above?

It was my understanding that Proofgrade is shipping in EU.

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

(So I haven’t rights)

Looks like that article got deleted - what happens when you click and enter in your address? I’ve heard shipping is quite expensive, but I believe it should work for you now.

If not, look for model stores (dollhouses, trains, and the like); flooring suppliers (which often deal in 3-6mm supplies); and for acrylic - sign makers.

Worst case scenario, there is always Amazon:

You’re gonna love your :glowforge:!

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I am in the Netherlands and shipping from the glowforge store works. It does seems expensive. There are a few places to check for materials. Hobarts in the UK has some good poplar ply and birch ply specifically for lasers. They ship to the EU and it is not too expensive. I am not sure what brexit will do to this, but it is a good source. I am sure there is a source somewhere in France. Check to see if you have a french Trotec website. They had materials. too. I am just getting some materials from them to see how they are. They are a bit expensive, but might be ok. Of course, as @deirdrebeth suggested - Amazon works, too!


I thought the Swiss owners had a material supplier thread going, but if they do I can’t find it.

Scrollsaws use the same thickness of wood as we do, so find their suppliers and you should find some 3mm wood.

Proofgrade plywood is wood veneer over a mdf (medium density fibreboard) core. Their veneers are high quality and they then apply a finish and masking. In the US cabinet makers are large consumers of this type of plywood. You probably won’t find it finished, or masked, but you can do that yourself.

You’re closer to the Baltic than we are, so presumably 3 and 6mm Baltic birch plywood is available in France. It should be a pretty cheap and cuts well.

In the US sign makers use a lot of acrylic, so find them. They may have castoffs for cheap or free.

Tiles are a popular material for engraving.

And finally there are people who sell laserable materials on ebay. If you can only find US based ones, many of them don’t know or care about export/import rules so they’ll happily mark a box as samples or something else that’ll have a good chance of not drawing the eye of customs. Of course if it does, I wouldn’t expect a refund.


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