How to generate Test Cuts / import settings

I’ve seen test grids (power vs speed) for other laser cutters, and I feel like I’ve seen them here, or at least their result. But I don’t have a file, and given that this will have about 100 squares with different settings, I’m hoping there’s a way to store the file with power/speed settings. I was thinking of trying to translate color to power, but that only solves one dimension.

Has anyone created a test file they can share here?
And is there any way to import the settings?

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A few… How to create a Test Cut

Not at the present.


Hrm… Crazy that there’s no settings/layout sharing method. That’s mostly what I was asking.

The thread linked above links to another test file but says it’ll take you 20 minutes to re-enter all the settings. I guess that’s my issue.

Perhaps we start a common account with a shared password, that each of us could temporarily use to run test prints or other common files/settings.

OR have a settings test file in the GF Catalog that has testing settings ranges that could be set to ignore if they are not appropriate for the material you are testing. No sense in burning engraving holes that apply excessive power for your material.

Can files in the GF catalog have associated settings and layout? If so, then there’s potential magic here. Can we convince GF to have a “user submitted” section of the catalog functionality? It’s already fully-baked software, and while having non-GF-controlled files might not be profit-focused, it would be really useful for users, especially while the software continues along in beta.