How to get a Lighter Engraving

We used to have our laser work done by an outside company, and when we had our burned products engraved, the engravings were lighter than the burned wood around them. All of the settings we have tried engrave extremely dark. Is there a way to adjust the settings to engrave lighter? We are using the same type of wood and are pretty sure the other company used a CO2 laser as well.

Turn down the power is just one way.

Have you gone through the First Prints tutorials? If not, I strongly suggest working your way through them, several times if necessary. You will learn all about the manual settings, how to obtain lighter and darker engraves, how to find settings for different materials and more. Will find the link for you.


Work through all the tutorials:

But here is the part that really focuses on manual mode which will help with fine tuning your settings.