How to Get A Service Request Closed

Good afternoon,

On November 10, 2019, I posted on this forum about a problem I was having with my Plus. After working with Marc, it was determined that my unit was defective and needed to be returned. My forum post was closed and Marc sent me an email with further instructions. I have responded to subsequent emails from Michael and most recently Ryan, however I haven’t heard anything from Support since Tuesday (the last email I received was from Ryan). I sent an additional email trying to follow-up yesterday, however I have yet to receive a response. I have posted on the Glowforge Facebook page looking for assistance, however my post was deleted with no response.

I realize that I am a very small fish in a very large pond, but how does one get someone from support to respond to emails in a timely manner? I am trying to be patient, however as I said, this has been going on since November 10 when I first posted here about my problem. I realize that there are more than likely MANY other service requests being handled by Support, but not hearing from someone (or one of the several people I have communicated with so far) is extremely frustrating; especially after spending close to $4,000.00 on something that I have had for a total of 21 days and it is now defective.

I would really like to put this issue behind me, but I am not sure how to go about getting someone to respond or otherwise follow-up with anyone.

My apologies for the rant. Once again, I realize I am not the only one that needs help, but all I am asking is for someone to respond to my service request so this can finally be resolved.

Any help that someone from Support (or Marc, Michael, or Ryan) could offer would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Service Request ID #165840

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From one owner to another, you just have to be patient.

The Glowforge Facebook group isn’t run by Glowforge, which is likely why your post was deleted.

By opening this topic you have created another ticket, so someone will have to resolve one of your open tickets before continuing to support you with the remaining one. At this point, your best options are patience and to check on the chat option to see if it is available. Sometimes this will get you assistance faster than waiting on email.

Right now continuing with your existing email chain is your fastest path to a resolution.


I don’t know how support queues work nor the volume they are dealing with, but I sure know that I give 24 hours at least for any email. Two days are ok. Three days I get antsy, and four days I feel ignored and will have to follow up. Seems like there is a lot of 4th day waiting around support. I do know they make it right, but they do have their own time warping way of communicating.

Stinks too not having a working machine. When they work they can be so useful for many things. It’s a bite when they don’t and you can’t really do much about it.


Thanks Ben. I appreciate it and I am trying to be diplomatic, but man this is frustrating. I didn’t realize that my forum post would open a new service request, so my apologies for making that already big pond a little deeper.

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You’re not. The pond’s not that big and we’re all the same size.

Well, “timely” is a relative term.

You are. No doubt.

I know it sounds crazy. (I know this, because I feel a little crazy saying it out loud.) I don’t know if they still do, but Support used to say they’ll respond within 72 hours. So I think a reasonable person would think “Okay. 3 days. That’s a long time to get service, but I can live with it. After all, it’s just a laser, not a pacemaker. Then somebody will get me working again in no time.” But, it doesn’t seem to work like that. Seems to me the “within 72 hours” applies to every response! Which… let me be polite here… isn’t ideal. Personally, I can accept up to 72 hours for first human response. But after that I want that person dedicated to my case until it’s resolved. I would expect responses to my messages within 8 business hours until that resolution.

Anyway… That’s my theory on this. Hope you get resolved quickly!


Thank you sir. I am certainly trying…I just want to get this past me! Yes, having a defective unit certainly adds salt to the wound. Thanks for the advice…I will certainly try to heed it. I just felt like I have to vent some.


Exactly! That’s my exact feeling as well. Thanks for the advice Tom.

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There’s no average or expected timeframe. I’ve had initial responses in a day, then several day followups. I’ve had the reverse.

GF is not a big corporation with hundreds of support staff. It’s frustrating, but at least knowing the situation helps - at least, for me.

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Would you like for me to shift this into the Everything Else category for you so that it does not open an additional ticket?

(And yes, the waiting is hard. They just don’t have the personnel to keep responding…they contact us when they get it fixed or the issue is ready to advance to the next step.)

Yes please! If that is possible. No need to add more to the workload and clog the wheels anymore.

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You’re my kinda guy! (Or girl as the case may be.) :smile:

I like this turn of phrase.


Haha! Thanks Jules! I appreciate it.

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Just as an FYI, a “support ticket” is created as soon as a new post is made in P&S, moving it out of there doesn’t delete it. It’s no big deal, and it doesn’t slow everything down dramatically. They go into a queue, your account is tracked by email/username, it takes moments to correlate. Yes, there’s no point emailing and posting here if you’re looking for official support, but posting here lets other owners provide suggestions that might lead to faster resolution.

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Hi @ktreffinger,

I apologize for the length of time it’s taken to close out your support request. The team is working right now on processing your return labels so you can send back your Glowforge, along with detailed instructions to make it easy for you. Since we’ll be following up over email very shortly, I’m going to close this thread.