How to get good with the Glowforge

Okay, for the next 20 minutes you will not see a vector program or a glowforge but this is still well worth the watch.


Very good advice but be aware he has a potty mouth.


AvE needs to go on a late night talk show. His gift of expression is rivaled only by Triumph the Insulting dog.


Right? but the thing is, remove the eff bombs and the other things that will make a school marm melt and is this not all truth?


Chuckle! I think I’m in love! I’d really love to meet that guy and have a nice conversation sometime. His IQ has got to be in the 140s. I think I’m now an enginerd.

(Guarantee it would be colorful!) :smile:

Good timing on that find! :wink:

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No doubt that there are several of us who would love a day in the shop with him.

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I don’t have “tv”, what watching I do is mostly YouTube content from about 200 different channels, AvE included.

Fun (but little known, and for me unverifiable) fact - his channel name came from Arduino vs Evil.


Wow, I struggled through because folk I respect liked it. But what I saw that was not obvious was ridiculous and counterproductive.

When I was six I reasoned that verifiable information was what was useful and fads and opinions not so much as one could lead to all sorts of things, and how you approached it made no difference, nor did anyone’s opinion. Opinions had no source or necessary connection to reality, and fads were like ouroboros no matter where you went you were still there.

A lot leaked through anyway but was not a barrier to putting together large pieces of the puzzle, and knowing one skill provided insight to others. Chemistry when making jewelry was the same chemistry when designing glass formulas. Not every fact as useful in both but still basic overlap. Understanding why folks do things is often flabbergasting as unexpected but some vague structure is growing clearer there as well. This guy is not helpful in a good way IMHO.

I agree with him mostly. People need goals and a sense of purpose all of their lives.
(It’s why I’m here. Otherwise I’d have to spend my spare time watching RomComs on the Hallmark channel. Much more fun to design something cool and then set fire to some wood.) :smile:

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Well, I’m glad you had life, the universe and everything figured out by the time you were 6, I’m 60 and still working on it.
I can certainly see how some would prickle at his style but I’m truly at a loss on how you can think he would have a negative impact on anyone beyond stylistic differences.

Not figured out. Only the goals. So much I did not know, but what I figured out early on was that real information did not move or change when come at from a different angle and gave insight when I was outside my comfort zone. I did try on several occasions to put grit over quit as it became splat, and after that gave more attention to Murphy. Often as I worked on an individual project it would look like it was going to be a disaster just before it came out great, and grit was important there, but no more skydiving without a parachute.

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Yeah, not a fan of this clown. Its fine he has opinions but I find his shtick distasteful. He reminds me of morning show DJ’s on rock stations, you know the kind who talk about disgusting things no one would want to talk about anyway.

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This was very entertaining. Thank you for sharing :joy:

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