How to get out small scratches from PG materials

I’ve spent awhile making a custom sign for a friend, and used PG thick maple ply, only to not have it cut all the way through :frowning: I used an expo knife to try and break it free, and it scratched the wood. It’s small but noticeable. Anyone have any DIY ideas to make the scratch non noticeable? I’d rather not waste the $16 on another piece of wood.

I don’t have an answer, but the thing you want for next time is a plastic razor scraper.

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Thanks. I have one of those but this one was really bad. It took quite a bit of cutting to get it loose, which is frustrating when we spend the extra $$ on proofgrade to not have these kinds of problems!

So, if your wood didn’t cut all the way thru create a support ticket either via email or in the P&S category.

They’ll walk you though troubleshooting and have been known to replace PG materials if you used the PG settings when trying to cut.

I’m not guaranteeing this will be the outcome, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and if you have something more going on with your machine they can verify that in their logs.

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Ah, sorry I meant for removing the masking, which was how I assumed this happened. Reading is hard, apparently :slight_smile:


It’s possible that sanding that area and then re-finishing it will make it far less noticeable - or WAY more noticeable. If you have some scrap I’d test on that first so you’ll have an idea what a spot fix will look like.

BUT - yes, what @hansepe said. If you were using PG settings, open a P&S thread and ask for assistance and your PG wood to be replaced.

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Thanks. I would sand it if it didn’t have a glossy layer.

Hence “sand that area and then re-finish

Do you know what is used for for proofgrade materials? Or something similar?

You can get that online, or in most hardware stores


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