How to have a heart attack via watch at breakfast



Putzing around taking care of kids in the morning. Pebble vibrates, letting me know I got an email or a text. Glance down.

So… reviewing my UPS delivery notifications I am pretty confident they will be at my house at 2pm tomorrow. Don’t even have to skip the full work day to be there for the delivery.

I plan to play with the fact this is a PRO, and upt up some videos of things I have wanted to see myself (like just pushing a plank all the way through the thing). But… I haven’t been up on the forums, so I don’t know what has already been demonstrated. Anyone able to toss me a few links? Searching “Pro video” didn’t give me much.


Congrats! BTW, did you finish breakfast calmly?





Haven’t done anything calmly all day since :wink:


there was one picture of a board sticking through the pass-through that was uploaded, but that’s it.


ah man! super excited for you! congrats and please post as much stuff that you make as you can once you get it!


Quite calmly presented, I think. :grinning: Congratulations!


Congrats! Glad to hear it! Huzzah! :tada::dizzy::confetti_ball::smile:

(Now i have to go clean a squirrel butt. And no, I’m not kidding. :joy:)


Never let it be said that you can transition topics so eloquently… :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:


If there’s not a YouTube tutorial for this, there should be.


Looking forward to seeing your Pro! Congratulations!




Have read every post on the forum. Other than the pic with the board sticking in the slot there were two live video streams last night of his Pro from @chris1 that showed unboxing and simple Basic style cuts of the founder’s ruler and Trace feature. Nothing Pro specific.


Nothing has been demonstrated. A couple of static images that indicate the hole in the front does indeed go into the machine, but nothing of consequence. You’ll be a ground breaker. :slight_smile:


I stuck my finger in the slot to confirm that yup, that’s a passthrough slot, but that’s about it…


I think this has been the only public use of the pass through:


I stand corrected. I saw @caribis2 post but was focusing on the cardboard burns rather than the cut alignment. I did a similar (unapproved) test with a Pre-Release Basic and had similar results with a faux pass thru. Or maybe I didn’t, since that would be unsafe.


Couldn’t have happened to a cooler member of the community! I’m really excited to see what you do with the Pro, especially, you know, using as a Pro. I was contemplating posting a “PLEASE Show Your Pro Features Working” post just today.


I don’t think you are the only one who might not have done that because it would be…unsafe :wink:


Congrats! That’s awesome!