How to import a picture with correct dimension

When I use a Affinity Designer to create some design and use dimensions to have something right (width x length) and I import this picture on Glowforge App, I get a complete different size.

I just draw a rectangle (21mm x 31mm) and on Glowforge it’s about (approximately) 290mm x 390mm. What I have to do for the correct dimension?


There are a few ways to set up Affinity Designer - Use an artboard the same size as the Glowforge bed (20" x 12") and the correct dpi of 96. You can always save as a pdf and your dimensions will be preserved.

Here is a thread that explains things better: Affinity Designer SVG Sizing Changes When Exporting


Great, it’s perfect, thanks for your answer and the link.

Sorry, I didn’t do search before because I was no idea to word for looking for.