How to invoke Inkscape Extensions

I am a REAL noob to Inkscape (long time Corel Draw user). I followed the instructions here:

to install this tabbed box maker (put the files in \program files\inkscape\share\extensions

When I click on extensions in Inkscape, I do not see a “laser tools group” as the documentation says.



Try putting it in %appdata%\inkscape\extensions.

Did that, but I all I see in the Extensions pull down is now 2 of every pre-existing extension.

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Strange. On my PC, all of the default extensions are in \program files\inkscape\share\extensions (the path you mentioned above) and my custom extensions are in the path I mentioned in my post. What version of Inkscape are you using?

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Verion is .92.

Ok, your version should be good. Look at Edit > Preferences > System > User extensions to find the path where you’re supposed to put your new extensions.


and that is where the files are.

Sorry, but you’ve got me then. No clue why that doesn’t work.

There are a couple of different box making extensions for Inkscape, so this might be of help…

OK, I am even more confused now. I installed the elliptical box maker script and it (and the laser tools category) show up fine in Inkscape, but STILL cannot get the TabbedBoxMaker script to show up!

Success! The files had gotten messed up in the download process. Downloaded them and installed again and I have the Tabbed Box Maker now!

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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