How to know if product is laser safe?

I’ve spent many hours and I don’t know how to know if a product is laser safe. I’ve been having lots of trouble with white paint having soot at the edges when I lift the tape. I want to use General Fishes water based topcoat flat prior to masking.

The topcoat contains:

  1. Silica amorphous fumed cryst-free (2-Methoxymethylethoxy) propanol
  2. 2-(2-Methoxymethylethoxy)methylethoxy)propanol

Any help will be so appreciated

Thank you

Look up the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for the product if you can find it. Then look for chlorine in the formula, and anything scary sounding under “decomposition products”. Here’s where to find the MSDS for this can:

TBH I don’t know if “metal oxides” are dangerous to humans (risk of metal fume fever maybe?), but they don’t sound dangerous to the laser itself? The scary stuff I’m looking for are things like chlorine gas, acids, or toxins like cyanide.


Their web site has only 1 MSDS for water based product. I’m guessing it covers this but you may want to double check.
Here is what it says about combustion:

Whether or not enough fumes would be emitted to damage your GF is something you would have to decide for yourself.

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Thank you for your help.

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Only thing i really worried about with white paints was having the soot be abrasive from the titanium dioxide in there. The oxide has a hardness of like 5 and aluminum is down around 2. The oxide is robust enough to survive the laser beam or i think it is and would rather not have it settling on working surfaces of the machine for more than the length of the print.

Thank you for your help