How to know when filter is full

Hi all! Not sure if this is where I’m supposed to post this but how will I know when my filter is full? I have the glowforge air filter. Thanks in advance!

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Page 16 of the manual.


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Thank you! Sorry I guess I must have read past that

Page 17 also talks about a beeping sounds that might occur when the filter is full…

Change Filter Cartridge

When the air starts to move more slowly because the cartridge is full, a beeping sound will notify you. You may be able to turn the knob clockwise to increase the fan speed and extend the cartridge life a little more. The beeping sound may not always occur when the cartridge needs to be changed; for example, if the carbon is used up but the airflow is still high.

When you detect smells during printing even when the Glowforge Air Filter dial is set to “Full”, it’s time to change the filter cartridge. Here’s how.

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