How to make a branding iron?

Anyone have ideas on how I can make a custom branding iron plate with my glowforge? What material/settings should I use? I need to hot stamp wood that is too big to fit in my Glowforge Plus. Is there a way to craft a custom logo hot plate that I can heat with my Hot Stamp handle ( or a blow torch)? Any ideas and workarounds would be appreciated.

There are services that can make brands for you.

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If you want to DIY it, you will likely need to CNC mill it out of brass or something. In theory, if you or your local maker space have a Carvey and the know how/software to create the gcode for it, then it shouldnt be too difficult to make one yourself.

This was just discussed some here:

@rbtdanforth, @jbv, and @markwal both seemed to know a thing or three…

Acid etching??? Not sure the materials involved, but you could probably cut the resist with the glowforge and eat away the rest with acid.

Thank you!

Thanks! Appreciate the idea.

good food for thought, thanks. I’ll have to check out Rockler

Hmmm, that could be interesting. Thanks for the idea.

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